Chinese Psychoanalytic Congress He Fei, 2015



Dear friends and colleagues:

It's our great pleasure to announce that the 4rd Chinese Psychoanalytic Congress will be held from Oct. 14 to 16, 2015, in He Fei, China This conference is hosted by the Psychoanalysis Committee of Chinese Association for Mental Health, organized by Anhui Mental Health Centre (the 4th People’s Hospital in Hefei), co-organized by Anhui Medical Association. The theme of the 2015 congress is "When China Life Encounter Psychoanalysis——Specialization Versus Popularization".

The congress will provide the opportunity of working with the nationally and internationally known

scholars, distinguished clinicians and participants in a multidisciplinary peer support network to focus on a variety of important issues and topics. The 2015 Chinese Psychoanalytic Congress promises to invite colleagues in the field of psychology and psychiatry, as well as all the public who are interest in psychoanalysis, so as to deep thoughts on influences of psychoanalysis in modernizing society.

Our congress will offer formats as keynote speech, open lecture, symposium, and workshop, etc.

We are looking forward to seeing you in He Fei. Moreover, we hope the congress will give you an excellent opportunity to combine your stay with exploring the beauty of An Hui.

Prof. Yang Yunping.

President of 2015 Chinese Psychoanalytic Congress

Director of Psychoanalytic Committee of Chinese Mental Health Association


Additional TipsYou can get more informations about the conference from website:



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